McMillan coffee morning

The World’s biggest coffee morning is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event for people facing cancer.

Catch up over a cuppa, enjoy some gorgeous treats – and the money we raise at our Coffee Morning will help make sure no one has to face cancer alone.

Carolina Laura, Jess are organising a McMillan coffee morning for Friday 25.9.2015. 9.00am till 1.00pm.


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ZOOM Professional Whitening is back!!


Since the EU Directive for control of tooth whitening products,  and the regulations that state only a dental professional can use and supply tooth whitening products at certain concentration, Phillips have been working very hard to produce their new whitening product.

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New Year at Apollonia House

Happy New Year!

Life at Apollonia House was busy at the end of last year rounded off by a enjoyable Christmas party.  We all survived the Doomsday “End of the World”.  Emergency clinics over the holidays were running and full practice opening from 2nd January.  We hope that everyone has had a great start to the New Year and we hope to see you all soon at the practice!

Some photos from the Christmas party….

photo (18)photo (17)

photo (16)collo and fell

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Mouth Cancer Awareness Month 2012

“If in doubt, get checked out!”

Mouth Cancer Awareness Month is currently in motion this November and aims to increase the awareness of mouth cancer.
Latest figures show 5,790 new cases of mouth cancer a year are diagnosed in the UK.
87% of cases in the UK occur in people aged 50 or over.
Early detection transforms survival chances from 50% to more than 90%.
Here at Apollonia we are running free oral health checks for registered and new patients all through November.
If you have any concerns or feel you are at risk of mouth cancer please contact the practice to make a free oral check appointment.

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Tara’s Orthodontics: New Updates

Tara has now moved on to her third lower appliance and second upper appliance.  The lower teeth have moved obviously and Tara is really happy with how they look.

The upper appliance has been worn for two weeks and is still feeling tight when fitting and so still active.  Tara commented that when she changed to her second upper appliance it was very uncomfortable due to being so tight.  It was advised for her to remove the appliance for thirty seconds and then try it again and see if it felt better.  The reason behind this was to allow the blood flow to return to the teeth and alleviate the painful symptoms.

Tara is finding it easy to keep her appliances clean and is careful to re-fit them as soon as she has eaten and cleaned her teeth!

More photos will be coming soon when Tara has moved to her third upper appliance.


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Apollonia Team Social

Some initial photos from the Apollonia Social Night.  A good meal followed by a friendly, highly competitive game of bowling! More photos to come soon! Thanks go to Apollonia House and to everybody for a good time!

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Remedial Massage Therapy

From September 2012, Apollonia House will be offering patients Remedial Massage Therapy. Appointments will be available Monday to Saturday.

Vicky Griffiths is our resident Remedial Massage Therapist. Vicky trained at the acclaimed Northern Institute of Massage and is a member of the National Association of Massage & Manipulative Therapists.

Remedial massage involves the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body with the hands – using a variety of techniques and pressures that can warm, tone, stretch, relax and release tension. It is a comprehensive and completely natural treatment which aids the body’s own healing process.

There can be many benefits of remedial massage as it affects many systems of the body:

  • Muscles are relaxed, toned and strengthened
  • Blood circulation is improved
  • Joint function can help mobility and flexibility
  • The lymphatic system is stimulated which helps to flush out toxins
  • Aches and pains in muscles and joints can be relieved
  • The nervous system can be soothed or stimulated
  • Digestion can be improved
  • Massage can help prevent injury and improve sports performance
  • Massage can invoke a general feeling of well-being and promotes relaxation

Many conditions including stress related disorders, lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, sports and accidental injuries, plantar fascilitis and arthiritis, to name a few, can benefit from massage therapy.

A healthy body is one which can move freely and easily….freedom of movement requires good healthy muscles.

For more information see the website treatment page or contact us at the practice.


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Tara’s Orthodontics: An update

Morning All,

Tara has been wearing her essix aligners for just over a  week and we thought we would share some of her early thoughts with you all.

Tara commented on how tight they felt initially over the first few days, but now they are starting to be more comfortable when wearing, only tight on first placement.  She mentioned to us how after removing them to eat her teeth did feel very strange, which is obviously to be expected due to the forces acting on the teeth whilst wearing the appliances.  We reassured Tara that the feeling of tightness around the teeth meant the appliances are doing their job and to keep wearing as she is doing.

Tara is doing well now and has overcome the initial period of slightly uncomfortable sensations.  She can feel her teeth moving which is a real motivator for the progression of the treatment.

More updates soon!

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Tara’s Orthodontics: A Case Blog

Our training Dental Assistant Tara has recently started a course of active aligner orthodontic treatment. We will be using a series of active aligners to achieve the result that Tara is looking for. We shall be posting blog updates as the treatment progresses and including Tara’s own insight on her experiences of these braces.

Tara expressed an interest to correct the rotation of her upper left lateral incisor to improve its profile. She complained that her “front teeth lean back into her mouth which causes my bottom teeth to meet them causing sensitivity”.  She also looked to improve the upper arch form stating that she thought it was too square and wanted to have a more rounded arch profile.  With regards to her lower teeth Tara complained of a mild crowding pattern and wanted to correct this “crossing over”.

We shall be making updates to Tara’s progress as she undergoes her treatment so stay tuned for further posts!

Initial Examination Photos


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Good Afternoon

We are enjoying a sunny day here at Apollonia House and it makes the view across the valley all the more splendid! With the olympics in its final week and with the summer holidays in full flow its an eventful time for all of us. See our facebook page for summer-time pictures.

Will Team GB reach 50 medals today, an already impressive haul, eclipsing Beijing’s total two days ago…..

Tonight is the night Usain Bolt can make it another Olympic double in the Men’s 200m, will he break the world record?

We hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine, if you can, and hope to see you soon at Apollonia House.

Enjoy the weekend!

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